Road Safety Audit

Roads are not risk free. While we can aspire to absolute safety, the reality is achieving acceptable levels of risk by eliminating the greatest hazards.

When a pattern of crashes is established—be it a crash frequency at a particular location or associated with specific road characteristics—we can apply responsive measures to mitigate against future occurrences. Proactively, we can also attempt to anticipate crashes by the application of relevant design guidelines or standards, and by conducting audits at various stages in the life of the road system to check for both compliance and cumulative or interacting features with adverse effects.

COLLISION AND SAFETY adds an additional dimension to road safety audits with the application of knowledge from in depth crash reconstruction and mass data analysis from insurers that extends beyond the knowledge base beyond that of government agencies.

We are experienced in the full range of audits including:

  • feasibility
  • preliminary and detailed design
  • new construction
  • roadworks traffic management plans (TMPs)
  • existing roads
  • thematic (including roundabouts, LATM, pedestrian, special event, bicycle, motorcycle, traffic signals, heavy vehicle, carpark)
  • industrial (including mine sites, closed sites)