Accident Reconstruction

Accidents are rarely accidents. For that reason, there is often a need for crash or collision reconstruction to determine not only exactly what occurred, but who contributed and to what degree.

In circumstances where stakes can be high, justice warrants that you have the best expertise to represent your interests with moral and scientific integrity.

Many engineers offering reconstruction spend some time in accident reconstruction, and the results are often less than optimum.

At COLLISION AND SAFETY our experts spend most of their time in accident reconstruction, albeit supported by an extensive background and ongoing practical application across the spectrum of road safety engineering. We can provide answers to not only to causal factors questions of how and who, but also advise on appropriate countermeasures.

Our principal engineer holds an honors degree, and has undertaken specialist training in the areas of:

  • pedestrian and bicycle accident reconstruction
  • heavy or commercial vehicle accident reconstruction
  • motorcycle accident reconstruction
  • human factors and perception response
  • speed estimation from vehicle damage
  • visualization/animation

In addition to providing opinion to courts, media and parliamentary enquiries, he holds extensive and international experience in road safety audit and road/traffic engineering and is a regular operator of both heavy vehicles and motorcycles.

We pride ourselves on our clear communication, and provide you with a selection of topics in accident reconstruction that may assist you.